International 12 foot dinghy

Friendship series 2022

Anil Cetin from Turkey

The Friendship series 2022 has come to an end. This happened in 2022.
1. Germany. 2-3 april. Baldeneysee. Too cold and too much wind: cancelled.
2. Ireland. 4-5-6 June Clinkerfest. Irish, English and Dutch participants
3. Netherlands 2-3 july. Grou. Prinsenhoftocht. Participants from Turkey, USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. Read the report
4. Belgium 22-23 October, Lac de l'Eau d'Heure. Participants from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Read the report

The Friendshipseries 2023. This is the calender. Not definitiv yet:
1. Netherlands. Grou. Princenhof. 1-2 july 2023
2. Belgium. Antwerp. 15-16 july 2023.
3. Germany. Schwerin. 2-3 september 2023
4. Belgium. Lac de l Eau d Heure. 21-22 oktober 2023

Our mission

Nicky Arnoldus from Canada

Welcome on this website for lovers of International 12foot dinghies. Eco friendly, so just wood. The design of this boat was made by Georg Cockshott in 1913. Our mission is to keep the boat worldwide as original as possible. No expensive modernisation and also no fiberglass.
Every year we organize at least four Friendship regattas, where we met each other, sail together in a friendly atmosphere.
We don't have a formal organisation with official roles, although a commodore is in charge, we are just a club of volunteers. If you are new, you will find here URL's with all the information you want. If you have already an international 12 you will find the latest information about our activities and of course a lot of hints. The name of our "organisation" is 12foot classic wood club (12footcwc) and sometimes also International 12 association.

regatta Grou, Netherlands

25 dinghies in a regatta near Grou in the North of the Netherlands. The start and the first course are important. The video show it to you. On this lake every year the Princenhoftocht, an item of the international Friendship series.

International 12 association (12footcwc)

Rifat Edin from Turkey (left) and Mark Delaney from Ireland

12footcwc staat voor 12foot dinghy classic wood club. De nieuwe naam is International 12 association (I12A).
In 2012 is het idee voor deze club ontstaan in Luzern, Zwitserland. In de jaren daarvoor is samen met de Italianen geprobeerd eenheid in de jollenklasse tot stand te brengen. Helaas is dat mislukt. Moderne en klassieke principes liggen te ver uit elkaar. Er ontstond dus een splitsing: Italië ging door met modern plastic en Nederland met klassieke houten jollen. In diverse landen werden vanaf 2012 internationale Friendship evenementen georganiseerd, uitsluitend voor klassieke houten jollen, ook wel International 12 foot dinghy genoemd.

Onderstaand ons logo, ontworpen door admiraal Bert Hamminga. Deze buitengewoon intelligente, humoristische en kleurrijke man overleed te vroeg in 2021, zie ook dit blog artikel over zijn uitvaart


training Grou, Friesland, the Netherlands

Een 12voetsjol is een overnaads geklonken zeilbootje van 12 foot (3,66m), ontworpen in 1913 door George Cockshott. In 1920 en 1928 zelfs een Olympische klasse, een klassieker dus. In Nederland bekend onder de naam 12voetsjol, de oorspronkelijke Engelse naam is International 12 of voluit International 12foot dinghy. In Duitsland 12fuss dinghy, In Italië 12piedi dinghi, in Japan A-class dinghy. Kortom veel verwarring, maar het geloof in alle landen is hetzelfde. Liefde voor een eigenzinnig klassiek Engels ontwerp, waar je veel plezier aan kunt beleven. Door het bouwen, het onderhoud, het zeilen van wedstrijden, maar ook het tourvaren. Vooral de gezelligheid is belangrijk. Koop een 12voetsjol en je krijgt er gelijk een familie bij

Welkom op deze website. Hier is alle informatie te vinden over deze klassieke zeil c.q. roeiboot met een rijke historie.

Copenhagen rules

Friendship series Copenhagen

The rules for dinghies participating in the Friendship Series originate in the Notice of Race of the Copenhagen Vintage Yachting Games 2018. The Copenhagen Rules are:

The International 12 will race with wooden clinker built boats according to the original design, and shaped, rigged and fitted accordingly. Vintage dinghies will generally be accepted, round wood should be solid, sails should be fixed to boom and lug such that no profitable in-race adjustment is possible. There should be no gear for profitable in-race adjustability of the mast foot. The original 1913 weight specifications are maintained in practice by requiring minimum sail-ready weight without ballast to be 26 stone 10 pound (169.6kg). The calculation is based on the specific weights of the prescribed wood types in the 1913 BRA Class Rules. The Rules add: "If alternative materials are allowed, the finished weight of each boat must not be less than that of the standard" (1913 BRA Class Rules, first paragraph: GENERAL). In individual cases the acting International 12 class authority shall decide with or without request.

1 Can Dutch original International 12 Foot Dinghies without a Dutch licence participate?
2 Can modern wooden AICD dinghies participate?
AICD wooden dinghies are around 25 kilo lighter, which makes them faster (more). This is achieved by thinning of wood which makes them unsafe in the up range of conditions raceable for International 12's, especially on tidal waters. Sailors of AICD dinghies are however very welcome and will be offered International 12 Foot Dinghies to hire.
3 Can plastic dinghies participate?
Sailors of plastic dinghies are however very welcome and will be gladly offered International 12 Foot Dinghies to hire.

Danmark Copenhagen 18-22 september 2018

friendship series 2018 copenhagen
Anil Cetin, Wim Bleeker

The Turkish laser champion Anil Cetin (22) pursues Wim Bleeker (53) during the Vintage Yachting Games off the coast of Copenhagen with wind strength of 22 knots. A total of 19 participants from 9 different countries registered 18-22 September for the reunion of former Olympic classes. The international 12 was Olympic in 1920 and 1928. Wim Bleeker was first in Copenhagen and got a prize with the names of the winners of 1920 and 1928 engraved. Anil Cetin the silver medal and Hans Reijers bronze. In addition to the international 12 foot dinghy, the Solings and O-Jollen also started. A great deal of attention has been paid to these competitions in the press and on the internet. See the links below.

The most beautiful photos from the Friendshipseries / Vintage Yachting Games in

Report plus results made by the VYGO / Rudy den Outer on wikipedia .

Report from the Irish participant Mark Delany
facebook movie made from his 12-footer by Wim Bleeker
Report on the website of the Twaalfvoetsjollenclub written by Geja van Ommen


Lengte 3,66 m
Breedte 1,45 m
Diepgang 0,20 m
Diepgang zwaard 0,92 m
Zeil 9,5 m2
Bemanning 1 of 2 personen(jong, oud, man, vrouw een mixed klasse voor iedereen)

Anil Cetin (Turkey), Copenhagen, Danmark

Bob Heineke

Anjo Klinkenberg (Netherlands) with her son in troubles

History of the International 12foot dinghy

olympische spelen
olympic games 1928 Amsterdam

It was in 1912 that the newly formed Boat Racing Association (BRA) launched a competition for the design of a small sailing and rowing dinghy which would be equally at home serving as a tender to a larger vessel or taking part in club races. The vessel should have an overall length of 12 feet, a beam of 4 feet 6 inches and a single sail of 100 square feet. The hull was to be clinker, planked in spruce on bent timbers. The competition was won by George Cockshott, an amateur boat designer from Southport, Lancashire, who had previously won prizes in other yacht and boat design competitions.

The design was baptised the 'A' Class One Design Dinghy but soon became known as the BRA 12 foot class. Following a few modifications the first orders were placed. By October 1913 the members of the West Kirby Sailing Club had already taken receipt of six BRA 12 dinghies. At West Kirby the design was again re-christened when it became known locally as the Dreadnought Class, with the entire fleet of these diminutive dinghies being named after contemporary British battleships such as the Audacious, Thunderer and Bellerophon. The Royal Engineer's Yacht Club was another early customer and before long their vessels were spreading throughout the British Empire. Soon the design spread to the Netherlands where it was greeted enthusiastically. By the end of the First World War there was a fleet of 140 BRA 12 footers racing there.

In the early 1920s the BRA merged with the Yacht Racing Association which hitherto had little interest in sailing dinghies. A subsequent International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU) conference decided that the BRA 12 footers should become the International 12 Foot Dinghy Class.

Some BRA members felt that an improved 12-foot dinghy should be designed for post-war use and approached Morgan Giles, one of the UK's best-known designers of small racing dinghies. Giles redrew the hull lines to allow a greater crew weight and improved sail carrying ability. He also moved the thwarts to improve the trim when the dinghy was being rowed. The new design performed better to windward, especially in light airs, and was stiffer and drier in a breeze. By this time eleven countries were sailing the International 12 Foot Dinghy and most of these were keen to adopt the new design, however the changes where opposed by the Netherlands and Belgium who had the largest fleets of original BRA 12 foot dinghies. Consequently, the International 12 Foot Dinghy Class retained George Cockshott's pre-war design. By 1920 the International 12 Foot Dinghy had become the most numerous One-Design class with over 200 boats in the United Kingdom and a large number overseas. The class was given further boosts when it was selected for the 1920 Olympic games in Belgium and again in 1928 when it was used as the single-handed boat for the games held in The Netherlands.

strong wind

strong wind

Netherlands. Picture unkown

12voetsjol in Nederland

Tony Zegers

Tony Zegers werd in 1950 met de 558 Nederlands Kampioen. Nog met een katoenen zeil. Nu ondenkbaar

Mooie Nel

Dinghy races about 1930

Wedstrijden op de mooie Nel in de buurt van Haarlem

558 Tecumseh

tecumseh 558
Jol 558 Tecumseh

De 558 is nog steeds in de vaart. Ooit gebouwd door jachtwerf de Vlijt en heeft altijd de naam Tecumseh gehad.


12voetsjol wedstrijd ongeveer 1930

De Sneekweek is het grootste zeilevenement op een meer in Europa. Ook de 12voetsjol is altijd van de partij.

Sneekweek 1926, Netherlands

After 1 min 40 seconds international 12footers on the Sneekermeer in 1926

Aanschaf 12voetsjol

jol te koop
Boot Holland Leeuwarden

Advertenties over het aanbod van 12voetsjollen vind je op Twaalfvoetsjollenclub, Marktplaats en international 12 assocation.

Er zijn ongeveer drie prijsklassen.
1 Oude jollen: tussen de 3000 en 7000 euro. (vaak onderhoud nodig)
2 Uitstekende 2e hands jollen. tussen de 8000 en 12000
3 Nieuwe of praktisch nieuwe jollen 18.000 - 25000 euro.
Is er verschil in snelheid? Nee, Niet of nauwelijks. De stuurman is het belangrijkste. Bovengenoemde prijzen zijn indicaties. De laatste tijd zakken de prijzen wel iets.

We vinden het altijd leuk als zeilers kiezen voor de 12voetsjol. Heb je hulp nodig bij een aankoopbeslissing of een second opinion, je kunt altijd een email sturen.
De jachtwerven van der Meer en de Groot zijn gespecialiseerd in 12voetsjollen. Meestal hebben ze een voorraad. Het is verstandig bij hen te informeren


3D Cad design of Mechdrafting, a Greek company

The building of an international 12 foot dinghy is an art. Not easy. We can help you with the drawings, the class rules and the contacts: sailmakers, boatbuilders and cad architects.

The original 1913 "George Cockshott" drawings, you can download here for free:
sheet 1
sheet 2
sheet 3
sheet 4
sheet 5

If you want CAD 2d and 3d models of the international 12 foot dinghy, contact Vasileios I. Koutsovoulos of the Greek company Mechdrafting

Drawings of the official Dutch "12voetsjol / International 12 foot dinghy" are sold by the Dutch watersport association. The price is 125 Euro. See watersport tekening kopen.

Besides the drawings are also the Dutch classrules 2020 available. The Dutch classrules 2016 are translated in English. See class rules English 2016. You will need the classrules 2020 if you want an official Dutch license. In the Netherlands are about 200 classic wooden dinghies with a license.

The first class rules as published in the Yachtsman 1913 gives you an impression how it started.

3D animation building dinghy

3D animation made by the Dutch artist Henk Lampe in 2009

Building dinghy

beresford boatbuilding
a new International 12 foot dinghy

Have a look at the building proces of the new international 12 foot dinghy "Bruin Blauwtje" with number 888 by the professional boatbuilder Jeroen de Groot in the Netherlands. pictures building dinghy 1
Also the amateur boatbuilder Paul Koch has made many pictures. See pictures building dinghy 2.

Lakken 12voetsjol


De hijsketting is een verplicht stuk inventaris. Voor het lakken best handig, omdat je de jol op een kant legt en zo de hele jol kunt lakken. Ook de onderkant. Een voordeel: geen stof in de lak en het draaien van de jol is ook niet nodig.

Restauration of an international 12 foot dinghy

dinghy 770
dinghy 770 in a bad condition
dinghy 770
dinghy 770 as new again

Of course you can choose to build a new one. But there is also an alternative. Buy a second hand dinghy and restore it. Dinghy 770 was in a very bad condition, but is now as new. And fast: Dutch champion 2020. The proud owners are Arjen Kort and his father Harry Kort.

Friendship series 2022

Anil Cetin from Turkey

The Friendship series 2022
1. Germany. 2-3 april. Baldeneysee. Too cold and too much wind: cancelled.
2. Ireland. 4-5-6 June Clinkerfest. Irish, English and Dutch participants
3. Netherlands 2-3 july. Grou. Prinsenhoftocht. Participants from Turkey, USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. Read the report
4. Belgium 22-23 October, Lac de l'Eau d'Heure. Participants from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Read the report

Friendship series 2021

Till 1 july regattas were not possible because of the pandemic. In 2021 two Friendshipseries were organised. Both in Belgium.

Read here the report of the Centennial regatta in Oostende, Belgium 10-11 july 2021.
Read here the report in Belgium on the Lac de l'Eau d'Heure 23-24 October 2021

regatta Grou, Netherlands

25 dinghies in a regatta. The start and the first course are important. The video show it to you.

The jibe in an international 12foot dinghy

What is the best way to jibe in an international 12 foot dinghy. The video show it to you

Strong wind

Hard work in an international 12 foot dinghy when the wind is strong

And the Friendship winner in 2015 is...

Reinhard Schröder from Germany

Here the final results of the Friendship series 2015. The classic wooden dinghy is popular in many countries, 11 different nationalities at the starting line. Total 67 dinghies. And very important: honest races, all wooden dinghies have the same speed. The helmsman and the crew make the difference. Meet other classic wood lovers at the Friendship series.

And the Friendship winner in 2016 is..

Wim Bleeker from the Netherlands

Wim Bleeker in action. Dutch champion 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2016 also the winner of the Friendship series. Unbeatable this year. The Friendship cup is a special hat. Have a look at some pictures of Wim and his crew Marcel Bleeker. A movie of the Friendship price giving ceremoney in Lowestoft


commodore 12footcwc
Bert Bos

Vice commodore

12footcwc secretary
Reinhard Schröder

Rear commodore

12footcwc webmaster
Pieter Bleeker

You can communicate with us, by sending an email to Rear commodore

Do you want our newsletter the Fleet? Subscribing is possible by clicking the Fleet. It is for free. Here in this blogarticle you can also have a look at all published newsletters.

Keep in contact with your International 12 friends via facebook. It is an open groupe. Everybody can become a member.


We also use a whatsapp groupe with the name "Friendshipseries". Send an email and you can join.

Movies of international 12 foot dinghies you can watch at our youtube channel.

The blog 12footnews is written in Dutch, but at the right side is a translate button for every language you want.

Contact persons per country

In many countries we have enthousiast dinghy contactpersons. For example:
1 Ireland. Vincent Delaney, George Miller
2 Turkey. Rifat Edin
3 France. Alix Noel and Philippe Le Rouzo
4 Germany. Reinhard Schröder
5 Netherlands. Pieter Bleeker
6 Belgium. Philippe Royaux
7 Japan. Yoichi Komori
8 Canada. Nicky Arnoldus
9 United States. Keith Mitchel
10 United Kingdom. Doug Branson
11 Brasil. Geyer Roberto
12 Lithuania. Aidis Jaskevicius
We are always searching new contact persons. Do you have a question concerning international 12 foot dinghies, mail Rear commodore


Bert Hamminga

friendship hat
Bert Hamminga price

Covid-19 was stronger then admiral Bert Hamminga, he died april 2021. Bert found this hat in the Baldeneysee and got the excellent idea to promote it to the Friendship hat. No costs, so everybody happy. From now on we will call this hat the Bert Hamminga hat, the winner of the Friendship series has the honour to wear it for a moment, so a picture can be taken. Bert was a person with a lot of humor.

friendship hat
Bert Hamminga 1951-2021

George Cockshott

George Cockshott 1875-1953

George Cockshott has designed the international 12 foot dinghy in 1913. Read more about his life here on wikipedia

12voetsjol, International 12foot dinghy, 12footcwc.org

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