Classic Wood Club (CWC)

Germany Baldeneysee 7-8 april 2018

friendship series 2018
German dinghy sailors

A multiple choice event: classic wooden 12footdinghies and plastic O-dinghies. On behalf of the CWC admiral Bert Hamminga and his committee, every 12footdinghy sailor in Europe with a wooden dinghy is invited to join this first Friendship event in 2018. As Friends do, all together sailing, eating and singing. Are you lonely and need a dinghy hotel. Contact Wim Bleeker, he will organize a big apartment, there are some sleeping places available. Also recommended hotel Gastgeb.
The organizing sailingclub is SKS Segelkameradschaft Scheppen. Subscribing is possible on this website later.

Friendshipseries 2018 regatta schedule

friendship series 2018
Classic wooden dinghies

The regatta schedule 2018 Friendshipseries
1 Germany. 7-8 april. Baldeneysee
2 Netherlands. 19-20-21 may. Kaag
3 Belgium. 27-28 oktober. Lac de l'Eau d'Heure.
Picture made by Wille van der Vorm.

And the winner in 2017 is....

winner friendship 2017
Pieter Bleeker

Friendshipseries 2017 were organised in 4 countries: Germany Baldeneysee, Netherlands Kaag, England Oulton Broad, Belgium Lac L'eau d'Heure. Totally 59 classic wooden dinghies take part from 5 different countries. Read here the results 2017. Picture made by Wietske van Soest.

Friendship series Belgium 2017

Bert Hamminga from Uganda in action

A lot of wind during the fourth Friendshipseries on the Lac de l`Eau d`Heure in South Belgium, near Cerfontaine. On the picture the Dutch competioner Bert Hamminga. 11 dinghies have subscribed, 7 regattas are sailed. The results
On the saturday evening a nice dinner with musique, together with the OK jol dinghy sailors in the clubhouse of the sailing club SNEH. See the movie made by Geja van Ommen.
A lot of pictures are made by Alix Noel. See the pictures

Friendship series England 2017

Oulton Broad2017
international 12footdinghies on the Oulton Broad

The third friendshipseries 2017 was organised on the Oulton Broad 21-23 july. Participants from Ireland, England, Germany and the Netherlands. See the friendshipseries 2017 for a report, movies and pictures. A nice report written by Victoria Falat

Friendshipseries Netherlands 2017

a lot of wind on the Kaag, Netherlands

The Kaag in the Whitsun weekend is a highlight of the sailing season in the 12footdinghy class. Always 50 dinghies on the starting line and there is usually foreign interest, this time from France and Germany. A weekend with a lot of wind.
See the pictures made by Wietske van Soest.
The results.

Friendshipseries Germany 2017

Baldeneysee Germany

The first friendship series in the new season 2017, 1-2 april, was a success with 14 participating dinghies. See the report and pictures on the blog 12footnews.

News from France

news from france
Remy Arnoud

Remy Arnoud from France at the Kaag event. Sailing in his Ernesto Riva dinghy. A beautiful boat build by the Italian boatyard with the famous name Riva. To compete honestly in the Friendshipseries he has bought a Dutch gaff and sail. In 2019 France will organize a Friendship event on Lac du Der. In 2018 some fun regatta's will be organised. Everybody is invited to join. See the website of the French class organisation.

Clinker built wooden boats

Classic wooden 12footdinghy

George Cockshott from England has designed the clinker build 12foot dinghy in 1913. In the Netherlands but also in other countries are big fleets. Hardly nothing is changed since 1913. Real museum boats, suitable for touring and regattas. If you like clinker build 12footdinghies, join the philosophy of the 12footcwc: the 12footdinghy classic wood club. This website is mentioned for owners of classic wooden dinghies in the Dutch style, but also for people, who want to buy one. If you want to build a 12footdinghy by yourself, in that case we can give you the right direction. In many countries all over the world is a renewed intrest for this special clinker build sailing boat: 3,60 meters long with a big sail of 9,5 m2. You can sail it alone or with a crew. The choice is yours. This website will give you a lot of pictures, information and also links to other dinghy sites. Having fun on the water is no issue anymore. See the last tab "contact" if you want to communicate with some experienced dinghy professors. It is a pleasure for us to give you all the information you need.

News from Ireland

news from Ireland

By Vincent Delaney. In Ireland we have an enthusiastic team, consisting of George Millar, Aidan Henry, and Vincent Delany, who a trying to find all the Irish 12 Foot Dinghies which once raced in Sutton, Dun Laoghaire and elsewhere. At present, we hold one racing event in Dun Laoghaire per season, which is the Irish Championship. We had five competitors this year. We permit both the International 12s and the DBSC 12s (with a small jib) to race together. Top boat this year was Mark Delany in No. 8, Cora. This year we were fortunate to have Pat and Sheila McGloughlin to present the historic trophies to the winners. These young ladies and their father sailed 12 Foot Dinghies since 1945. In that year, their father, Peter McGloughlin, created two models of 12 Foot Dinghies, one in timber and one in silver, which were once used as trophies. They still own these models. Each year if we can increase the number of dinghies competing by one, we are making progress. Meanwhile we are planning to hold a dinner early in 2018 at the Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire for all the 12 foot sailors both past and present. If complete by then, the history of the 12 Foot Class in Ireland will be made available to all the participants.

News from England

news from England
Mark Duffield

Mark Duffield from England say goodbye after the friendship event at the Olton Broad. His dinghy is built by Stephen Beresford, an excellent English boatbuilder.


a dinghy is born
Boatbuilding in the Netherlands

Boatbuilder Jeroen de Groot from the Netherlands is building a new 12footdinghy this winter. Have a look at the pictures and get inspiration how it works.

Boatbuilding in the USA

Classic wooden dinghy built by Keith Michell

Keith Mitchell is a professional American boatbuilder. He has decided to build a classic wooden 12footdinghy in the original 1913, Dutch style. Have a look at Keith his blog shipwrightskills and get an impression of the building process. Keith his picturs at instagram. At the blog 12footnews you also can read how an 100 year old English design is becoming popular in the USA.


Varnishing a dinghy

classic wooden dinghy

Varnishing is a must for wooden classic 12foot dinghies. In the Netherlands are the lifting chains still a requirement. The same situation as in 1913 when George Cockshott has made his famous design. But also very easy when you want to varnish your dinghy and don't want to turn it.. Use the chains in that case: see the red arrow. Sanding and varnishing is easy now. Another advantage: no dust!

Friendship series Lowestoft 2016

Lowestoft England
Jeroen de Groot and Michael von der Gathen

England. 22-24 July Lowestoft. 20 dinghies from 5 different countries. For a report see blog 12footnews and blog ASB4, written in English by Bert Hamminga
See also the pictures. Overall winner Wim Bleeker. second Huib Ozinga. Thanks to Mark Duffield, David Bullen and a lot of English friends. The organisation was perfect. In 2017 it is likely that we will visit England again.

CWC admiral

Oulton Broad2017
CWC admiral Bert Hamminga, philosopher

Bert Hamminga is now the CWC admiral of all wooden dinghies world wide. The reason: He has the talent to communicate with people in many languages fluently: French, English, Russian, German, Dutch, Latin / Italian and African languages. To accept his high appointment Bert insisted on the following job profile: the admiral 1. has no powers 2. knows nothing 3. does nothing. We accepted but refused his further requirements of: 4. two polished 20“ brass canons 5. competitions only at clubs with an admiralty cigar smoking lounge 6. free drinking, which he waived amicably. Bert is sailing one of the oldest 12footdinghies: the NED112, built in 1924 by Annemans in Belgium. He is the right person on the right place to promote sailing the international 12footdinghy by speeches and good talks with important persons such as mayors, members of the ISAF, Royal Houses and ordinary chairmen of sailingclubs and class organisations in the different countries. The canon in the picture and smoking good cigars are signs he is taking his role very seriously. Beware of the CWC batch on his jacket. By joining the friendshipseries it is possible to get one too.

And the winner in 2016 is..

Wim Bleeker from the Netherlands

Wim Bleeker in action. Dutch champion 2013, 2015 and 2016. And in 2016 also the winner of the Friendship series. Unbeatable this year. The Friendship cup is a special hat, donated by the commodore of the 12footcwc Bert Hamminga. Have a look at some pictures of Wim and his crew Marcel Bleeker. A movie of the Friendship price giving ceremoney in Lowestoft

And the winner in 2015 is...

Reinhard Schröder from Germany

Here the final results of the Friendship series 2015. The classic wooden dinghy is popular in many countries, 11 different nationalities at the starting line. Total 67 dinghies. And very important: honest races, all wooden dinghies have the same speed. The helmsman and the crew make the difference. Meet other classic wood lovers at the Friendship series.

Friendship event at Loosdrecht

Giuseppe Lascala from Italy in action

The 100 year event at Loosdrecht 2014 was a tremendous success. The unbelievable number of 170 dinghies have participated. On the picture Giuseppe Lascala from Italy in dinghy 638. Just behind him the Dutch/Canadian Nicky Arnoldus, one of the less woman who was ever Dutch champion

Have a look at the pictures of
Yvonne Ransijn 01. See also the tab activities

Sportive in a classic dinghy

Bob Heineke is young and one of the best sailors in the Netherlands.

Sailing with a friend

The dinghy is a woman friendly boat. Suitable for 1 or 2 persons

You are not alone

Friendship event at the Kaag, Netherlands. Always a lot of dinghies

Have fun

Loosdrechtse plassen, Netherlands

Sailing regattas is exciting

The helmsman is important. All wooden dinghies have the same speed

Male or female? In a dinghy it doesn't matter

West Kirby, England. Stay young in a 12footdinghy

Half wind and a lot of speed

West-Kirby, England. A dinghy has a sail of 9,5 square meter

The German Reinhard Schröder

Classic lovers you will find all over the world

One or two persons in a dinghy? The choice is yours

120 kg, sail alone. 60kg, search a friend

history of the 12foot dinghy

olympische spelen
olympic games 1928 Amsterdam

It was in 1912 that the newly formed Boat Racing Association (BRA) launched a competition for the design of a small sailing and rowing dinghy which would be equally at home serving as a tender to a larger vessel or taking part in club races. The vessel should have an overall length of 12 feet, a beam of 4 feet 6 inches and a single sail of 100 square feet. The hull was to be clinker, planked in spruce on bent timbers. The competition was won by George Cockshott, an amateur boat designer from Southport, Lancashire, who had previously won prizes in other yacht and boat design competitions.

The design was baptised the 'A' Class One Design Dinghy but soon became known as the BRA 12 foot class. Following a few modifications the first orders were placed. By October 1913 the members of the West Kirby Sailing Club had already taken receipt of six BRA 12 dinghies. At West Kirby the design was again re-christened when it became known locally as the Dreadnought Class, with the entire fleet of these diminutive dinghies being named after contemporary British battleships such as the Audacious, Thunderer and Bellerophon. The Royal Engineer's Yacht Club was another early customer and before long their vessels were spreading throughout the British Empire. Soon the design spread to the Netherlands where it was greeted enthusiastically. By the end of the First World War there was a fleet of 140 BRA 12 footers racing there.

In the early 1920s the BRA merged with the Yacht Racing Association which hitherto had little interest in sailing dinghies. A subsequent International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU) conference decided that the BRA 12 footers should become the International 12 Foot Dinghy Class.

Some BRA members felt that an improved 12-foot dinghy should be designed for post-war use and approached Morgan Giles, one of the UK's best-known designers of small racing dinghies. Giles redrew the hull lines to allow a greater crew weight and improved sail carrying ability. He also moved the thwarts to improve the trim when the dinghy was being rowed. The new design performed better to windward, especially in light airs, and was stiffer and drier in a breeze. By this time eleven countries were sailing the International 12 Foot Dinghy and most of these were keen to adopt the new design, however the changes where opposed by the Netherlands and Belgium who had the largest fleets of original BRA 12 foot dinghies. Consequently, the International 12 Foot Dinghy Class retained George Cockshott's pre-war design. By 1920 the International 12 Foot Dinghy had become the most numerous One-Design class with over 200 boats in the United Kingdom and a large number overseas. The class was given further boosts when it was selected for the 1920 Olympic games in Belgium and again in 1928 when it was used as the single-handed boat for the games held in The Netherlands.

Mooie Nel

Dinghy races about 1930

Near Haarlem is a small lake. Here became the class popular and in 1960 the place the Dutch class organisation was launched

dinghy 558 Tecumseh

olympische spelen
famous dinghy 558 Tecumseh, still alive

In 1950 Tony Zeegers became Dutch champion in dinghy 558. It was build by the boatyard de Vlijt. In 2014 Sjouke Dijkstra is the owner of this dinghy with the name of the Indian Chief Tecumseh.

dinghy for sale


Dou you want to buy a dinghy in the Netherlands? Have a look at the site of the Twaalfvoetsjollenclub: see the footer. If you need any help or information, sent an email to the webmaster. The cheapest dinghies are about 5000 till 7000 euros. In the number series till 700. Above 700 the price is higher, but also the quality. Till number 700 the dinghy is most of the time 40 years or older. It is not a disadvantage. Also older dinghies can be fast. The helmsman makes the difference.


How to obtain the drawings

olympische spelen
Boatyard of Stephen Beresford, England

You want to build a 12foot dinghy by yourself and need the drawings. The Dutch watersportverbond is selling them. You can order the drawings of the 12foot dinghy (in dutch 12voetsjol) by sending an email to Mrs. Denise Willaarts info watersportverbond. The price is 65,50 Euro. After paying, the watersportverbond will sent the drawings to your home address. Besides the drawings you need the Dutch national class rules 2016 bouwvoorschriften2016. It is written in Dutch. The 2016 version is translated in English by Duuk Dudok van Heel and Fred Udo. Read the rules 2016 in English. See also the pictures of dinghy NED824 for an impression. In the winter of 2017 a new dingy is build. See the detailed pictures of the building proces

Price of a 12footdinghy

jeroen de groot boatyard
Boatyard of Jeroen de Groot, Netherlands

The two pictures give you an impression what are the possibilities to build a classic dinghy. Of course the boatyards like to build a new one for you. You can get one in the Italian style or one in the Dutch style. In Italy there are plastic dinghies and wooden. Both are modern and are racing together. The Dutch dinghy style is the original one. Racing together with plastic dinghies is not the policy. Hardly nothing is changed since 1913. The 12footcwc is founded by lovers of wooden dinghies in the original classic style. The price of a new dinghy is between 15.000 and 25.000 euro. Dinghies build in Lithuania of Turkey are rather cheap. In Holland is a lot of experience in building dinghies, but the prices are higher. A second hand dinghy, you can buy between 5000 and 12000 euro, included a Dutch standardisation certificate of the "watersportverbond". If you need any help, sent an email to the webmaster. Have a look at the dinghy url s for a lot of information. Also many boatyards are published here.

Restauration of a dinghy

dinghy 770
dinghy 770 in a bad condition
dinghy 770
dinghy 770 as new

Of course you can choose to build a new one. But there is also an alternative. Buy a second hand dinghy and make it again as new. Dinghy 770 was in a very bad condition, but is now as new. The proud owners are Arjen Kort and his father Harry Kort. The grandfather of Arjen was Obbe de Groot, a famous amateur dinghy builder. Have a look at the awful pictures.

Friendship series 2015 Germany

The Germans in action

11 and 12 April the new sailing season always begins with the races at the Baldeneysee near Essen. At the picture the Germans Eckhard Schleuffer and his son. Behind him Reinhard Schröder. The winner was Fred Knitel. The results and the pictures

Friendship series 2015 Netherlands

The Irish delegation

23,24 and 25 May 2015 the traditional event on the Kagerplassen was organised. At the picture the Irish delegation with Margaret Delaney at the helm and Gerry Murray as her crew, finally at an honourfull 31 position. Totally 50 dinghies took part. Also dinghy sailors from Japan and Germany. Wim Bleeker was the winner, followed by Fred Knitel and Huib Ozinga.
The results
Pictures made by Wim Bleeker
Pictures made by Mary Plantenga
Pictures made by Guido van den Elshout

Friendship series 2015 France

Traditional 2CV with behind a 12footdinghy

"We are on the road to Lac des Settons". Everbody have published this sentence on Facebook. Dinghy sailors from 9 different countries have made a long journey to enjoy a Friendship event on this lake in the Morvan, France. The weather was perfect, sun and wind, so 7 races could be organised in the weekend of 11,12 july. The BBQ, the dinner, the event was very well organized by the French organization under the umbrella of the 12footcwc, the international class organization for classic wooden dinghies only. Thanks to the French friends Jack Salingarde , Romain Berard and Nathalie Aubin for a wonderfull event.
The results and the pictures
See also the blog 12footnews.blogspot.nl for more background information about the lac des settons event 2015

Friendship series 2014 Netherlands

100 year dinghies in the Netherlands

170 classic wooden dinghies participated in June at the Loosdrechtse plassen. 100 year dinghies in the Netherlands was the reason. Dinghy sailors from 10 different countries came to Holland. Although the party was more important as the regattas, you can here have an impression who was there with a dinghy at Loosdrecht

Friendship series 2014 Germany

In April Dutch and German dinghy sailors went to the Baldeneysee. An event together with the international O-dinghies. The results Baldenysee. the pictures Baldenysee. Read a report about the baldeneysee at the blog 12footnews. Use the google translate button to get in in your own language

Friendship series 2014 France

dinghies from three countries at Lac d'ailette

In May 2014 a friendship event for the original classic wooden dinghies was organised in France, at lac d'ailette near Reims. The results

. See the pictures

Friendship series 2014 Netherlands

always a lot of dinghies at the Kaag event

In May 2014 another friendship event at the kaag. Always busy with 48 classic wooden dinghies. Winner was Frans Smits. See the results Kaag

. See the pictures Kaag

12footcwc organisation

Choose your favourite contact person and ask information about the 12footdinghy
Name Country Contact data
dr. Bert Hamminga
Netherlands CWC Admiral, musician, philosopher and 12footdinghy sailor. Helmsman of the NED112, a Belgian dinghy built in 1928 by Annemans. Bert is able to speak fluently English, French, German, Dutch and Russian. Mail Bert. See also his blog ASB4.com. The singing admiral, listen to the dinghy song and the No wind blues, together with Durk Zandstra.
Reinhard Schröder
Germany CWC Secretary - rear commodore. Can speak German and English. Is the owner of dinghy GER870 named Isabella. Mail Reinhard. phone 0049 175 57 39 823
Mark Duffield
England CWC vice-commodore. The organiser of a very successful event in Lowestoft 2016 and 2017. His classic wooden dinghy is build in England by Stephen Beresford. Mail Mark.
Pieter Bleeker
Netherlands CWC commodore / webmaster. Owner of dinghy NED824 named Oranjetipje. Can speak Dutch, German and English. Dutch champion in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2014. Is sailing regatta's 50 years now. Lover of classic wooden boats. Mail Pieter. See also his blog 12footnews.
Nicky Arnoldus
Canada Dutch and Canadian nationality. Dutch champion in 1986. Lives in Canada and is promoting the dinghy in the new world. Is sailing every year international events in Europe with her dinghy 340. Mail Nicky.
Stephen Beresford
England Professional English boat builder. Owner of the boatyard Goodwoodboat. Administrator of the English 12footdinghy fleet. New English dinghies will get a number in the GBR50 series. 1 to 49 is reserved for old restored English dinghies. Mail Stephen
Keith Mitchell
USA Professional American boat builder. Degree in traditional large craft construction form The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. Currently building an international 12 foot dinghy while restoring classic yachts as well. Committed to the preservation of traditional boats and the methods used to construct them. Mail Keith. More information about Keith in the 12footnews blog article.
Aidis Jascevicius
Lithuania Can speak Lithuanian, Russian and English. Boat builder and 12 foot dinghy sailor. Is also sailing in big boats all over the ocean. Mail Aidis
Victor de Juan
Spain Can speak English and Spanish. Boat builder and lover of classic 12 foot dinghies. Mail Victor
George Miller
Ireland Owner of the original Irish dinghy with the name Pixie. Irish champion 2015. Mail George Miller. In Ireland you can also contact Ayden Henry or Billy Bebington.
Rifat Edin
Turkey Turkish nationality. Lover of classic Turkish boats. Rifat is organizing, together with some friends, every year a 12footdinghy event in Istanbul: Golden Horn, Bosporus or sea of Marmaris. Usually mid october. Do you want to participate? Mail the webmaster.
Wim Bleeker
Netherlands Owner of dinghy NED869 named Trupial and Dutch champion in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Can speak German, English and Dutch. Is sailing regatta's 40 years. Read his personal story. Mail Wim.